Allen Turkow: A quality business

06/13/2014 12:00 AM

02/15/2015 11:26 AM

A quality business

I read the article in The Cary News (June 8) about the owners of Johnson’s Jewelers upgrading their building in downtown Cary. It brought back my experience with the store.

My Rolex watch stopped working. (In fact, the second hand was going backwards, believe it or not.) I called Johnson’s Jewelers and a couple of jewelry places in Raleigh for an estimate. Johnson’s Jewelers was the least expensive, and the workers took the time to tell me what probably needed to be done. So I took my watch in.

I was met with a warm and smiling owner who asked me what I needed, so I explained my situation. Another owner told me exactly what they would do, how much it would cost (same as they quoted over the phone) and when it would be done.

They did call me when it was done, and when I picked it up it looked brand new. Plus it was $100 less than the other places I called. It is great that the owners decided to renovate their building, and I’m sure it will really look nice, but I can assure you the quality is on the inside.

Allen Turkow


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