Rachel Woods: No place for fences

07/04/2014 12:00 AM

07/02/2014 7:06 AM

No place for fences

Regarding people trespassing at Womble Park in Holly Springs: I think a strong parks and recreation department with updated facilities is a blessing to any town, and I think Holly Springs is doing an excellent job in this regard.

However, when I first saw the finished turf fields at Womble Park, with the tall fence and dead bolts, I was more than a little disappointed. During a time when kids need more opportunities to socialize directly with each other, more time spent in unstructured activities and spontaneous games and exercise, we use our tax dollars to construct a fence.

While kids should be following rules regarding park curfews, why we built a field that was paid for by all but has highly restricted use is beyond me. While the turf fields are a bragging right for any town’s website, is restricted open space really what we intended?

In the future, can we use our funds for more open-access community spaces to provide opportunities for kids who want a break from their computers? Seeing that fence made me miss the weeds , ant hills and dirt that Womble used to be. It was certainly more welcoming than the shiny rubber blades of “grass.”

Rachel Woods

Holly Springs

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