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Neighbors seek solutions to violent crime in Durham

Walk for Life founders call on members of the community to take action to stop the violence

Organizer warns if action isn’t taken, ‘you are going to see something break out in Durham’

Walk for Life will hold a march on Hinson Drive, where eight people were shot, on Sept. 19

Durham County

Ghost Bike removal in Durham

Eunice Chang and Howard Staab remove a ghost bike on Hillandale Road in Durham. Under the city's roadside memorial policy, Chang had 45 days to remove the bike after someone complained. The ghost bike memorialized Seth Vidal, who died after he was struck by a hit-and-run driver while riding his bike on Hillandale in July 2013. Following complaints about the memorial rules, city staffers are exploring revising the policy. Video by Virginia Bridges, vbridges@newsobserver.com

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