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July 22, 2014

Duke warns workers of email scam that promises pay raise

Duke is warning workers about an email scam that uses the lure of a 2.5 percent raise to get them to send banking information to an Internet address in Russia.

Duke University police are warning workers about an email scam that lures them with the prospect of a 2.5 percent raise so they will send their banking information to a Russian Internet address.

In an online alert prepared by the university IT Security Office, officials said the message tells workers, “The University is having a salary increment program again this year with an average of 2.5%. The Human Resources department evaluated you for a raise on your next paycheck.”

The link on which it asks people to click to give their payroll information to “access your salary revision documents” has a Russian address under Internet protocols.

The scam is an example of a phishing attack, which tries to get information from people about their electronic records.

The alert asks anyone who has received the email and already followed its instructions to immediately contact the Office of Information Technology (OIT) at 919-684-2200.

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