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January 15, 2014

Obama visit draws mixed reactions

North Carolina residents react to President Obama's visit to NC State and speech at the university.

“I enjoyed it, because it was all about North Carolina. I was already big into energy and with the technology thing he’s starting here, I might be able to stay local and have a job.”

David Stanlan

N.C. State freshman

“I think that N.C. State is prime to be on the cutting edge of this kind of technology. State has the staffing, the brainpower and the expertise to take this and do it well.”

State Rep. Yvonne Holley

Raleigh Democrat

“People are worried about the Affordable Care Act, but people here came to see him because of the university and the institute.”

Matthew Arden

N.C. State freshman

“I think it’s going to be very beneficial to the small business community in North Carolina. It’s going to give us opportunities to get back in the game.”

Wayne Branch

45, printing business owner, on the NCSU-based institute

“I find it ironic that he would come to North Carolina when things are on the upswing and position himself to take some credit for it when the work is being done by the state itself.”

U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers

Dunn Republican

“Being a senior, I definitely like the idea there are jobs available, because I’m going through that now. I like the idea, I just hope that it works.”

Alyssa Degreenia

N.C. State senior

“We’ve always been against the Obama administration’s economic policies.”

Ross Bradley

N.C. State senior and president of campus Young Americans for Liberty branch

“I’m just looking at all these young people, and they’re the future, and what he’s talking about is the future. It was inspiring.”

Karen Davis

63, retired federal government worker

Compiled by Caitlin Owens

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