Councilman on sign rules: I'm not thinking Arby's

04/08/2014 4:01 PM

04/08/2014 4:02 PM

Raleigh leaders will likely create a committee next week to review the city’s sign rules, but city council members are already tossing around ideas via email.

Here’s an email City Councilman Russ Stephenson sent to a group of constituents last week that illustrates ideas council members are considering:

“I spoke with (Councilman) Bonner (Gaylord) yesterday. His main concern is that the sign ordinance may not permit any more signs like the ones we’ve grandfathered: Krispy Kreme, NC Equip bulldozer, etc. Bonner would like a process where special signs could be evaluated by the Appearance Commission against standards for high artistic and placemaking value. Travis Crane thinks our UDO administrative alternates don’t permit this. Is it possible to craft language to promote a few iconic signs like at Pike Place Market in Seattle (see attached photo) while prohibiting a proliferation of Arbys-like signs, competing for attention along a street?”

Stephenson linked to a Google Street View image of the large Arby’s sign on Hillsborough Street near Meredith College. He also asked some of the constituents to send him images of what they consider “worst offenders” that the city should restrict.

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