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NC school board member disputes ‘school-to-prison pipeline’

Wake County school board member Jim Martin says “there is not a school-to-prison pipeline” but a “poverty-to-prison pipeline.” The Education Justice Alliance disagrees, telling Martin that school board members must “acknowledge” the role school policies play in helping send students to prison.

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Wake County school board member elected to national position

Wake County school board member Keith Sutton has been elected to the steering committee of the National School Boards Association’s Council of Urban Boards of Education CUBE says it “supports urban school boards and fosters effective leadership for excellence and equity in public education, with a specific focus on underrepresented students.”

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Different views offered on Wake County school makeup day

Wake County school employees largely tweeted about how much learning was going on in school Monday on what was originally the first day of spring break. Students largely tweeted that the makeup day was a waste of time, citing how many classmates, particularly at high school, were not in school.

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Wake County covering substitute teacher costs next week

As part of its effort to provide maximum flexibility for people who can’t change their vacation plans next week, the Wake County school system will cover the $50 fee taken from teacher paychecks to help offset the cost of hiring substitutes. Hundreds of teachers requiring substitutes will be out each day next week now that Wake County is holding makeup days on what were the first three days of spring break.

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Educational reasons permitted for missing makeup days

Wake County principals have been told to be flexible if parents whose children miss next week’s makeup days cite “a valid educational opportunity” to request an excused absence. Some traditional-calendar families say they can’t break their spring break plans now that Wake is using the first three days as makeup days.

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