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July 14, 2014

Looking at Wake County's 2014-15 magnet school application results

For the 2014-15 school year, Wake County placed 53 percent of the 5,558 magnet school applicants, 43 percent of the 755 "application school" applicants, 78 percent of the 1,960 year-round calendar applicants and 60 percent of the 1,448 traditional-calendar applicants.

How lucky were you getting into the Wake County magnet school, application school, year-round school or traditional-calendar school that you wanted to attend this fall?

As noted in today's article, Wake placed 2,972 of the 5,558 applicants, or 53 percent, into a magnet school for the 2014-15 school year. Links to application figures dating back to the 2003-04 school year are at the bottom of the post.

Unlike past years, Wake is now splitting the applications for early colleges, leadership academies and now the Vernon Malone College & Career Academy in Raleigh into a separate category.

Of the "application schools," 323 of the 755 applicants, or 43 percent, were placed into a school. Vernon Malone, which is the new career technical education high school, placed 124 of its 133 applicants. Wake had extended the application period for Malone to try to get more applicants.

Of the families requesting year-round schools, 1,532 of 1,960 applicants were placed, or 78 percent. Most families got into the year-round school they requested with Sycamore Creek Elementary School in Raleigh being the big exception, only placing 39 of the 148 applicants.

The next category is traditional-calendar applications, which covers families who wanted out of base schools that are on the year-round or modified calendar. Wake placed 869 of the 1,448 applicants, or 60 percent into a traditional-calendar school. For instance, 166 of the 252 applicants who wanted to attend the traditional calendar at Green Hope Elementary School in Cary were accepted.

Switching back to the magnet schools, the newest program at Kingswood Elementary School in Cary got off to a good start getting 96 applicants, placing 65 into the Montessori program. New magnet schools can have a hard time attracting applicants.

For instance, both Fox Road and Green elementary schools in Raleigh will be entering their second year as magnet schools. But Fox Road only had seven applicants, up from five the prior year. Green had 19 applicants, down from 38 the previous year.

Established Raleigh magnet schools such as Brooks, Combs, Fuller, Washington and Wiley elementary schools continued to reject the overwhelming majority of their applicants. But in a departure, Hunter Elementary School in Raleigh placed 121 of 187 applicants after having rejected the majority of applicants in prior years.

As noted in the article, there's been a 42 percent drop in the number of magnet applications since the 2007-08 school year. There's talk of expanding the number of magnet schools as part of the new strategic plan that's being developed.

Click here to view this year's 2014-15 applications totals.

Click here to view the 2013-14 totals.

Click here to view the 2011-12 totals. (I'm not including the 2012-13 totals because the choice plan made the application process so different from other years.)

Click here to view the 2010-11 totals.

Click here to view the 2009-10 totals.

Click here and here to view the 2008-09 totals.

Click here to view the 2007-08 totals.

Click here to view the 2006-07 totals,

Click here to view school-by-school magnet totals for the 2003-04 through 2006-07 school years.

Click here to view a spreadsheet showing magnet applications by school dating back to 2009-10. Click here for the same spreadsheet that includes the early colleges, leadership academies and Vernon Malone.

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