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July 17, 2014

Former Wake County school board member Debra Goldman resigns new position

Former Wake County school board member Debra Goldman has resigned her position as a member of the Ronda Board of Commissioners.

Former Wake County school board member Debra Goldman has resigned from her second elective office in the past 18 months.

Multiple media outlets are reporting that Goldman and her boyfriend, Kevin Reece, have resigned from their positions on the Ronda Board of Commissioners in Wilkes County. According to the Wilkes Journal-Patriot, Goldman cited the “serious nature of my ongoing injuries” from a 2013 car accident in her resignation letter.

Goldman and Reece were elected in Ronda in November as write-in candidates. But both faced a recall petition.

Goldman had resigned from the Wake County school board in February 2013 to become executive director of a foundation that had been started by Reece.

Goldman’s tenure on the school board had been marked with controversy, She had named fellow school board member Chris Malone as a suspect in a burglary of her home. Malone, now a state legislator who was cleared by police, said he had an affair with Goldman, something she has denied.

Goldman, who unsuccessfully ran for state auditor in 2012, continued to be involved in controversy in Ronda.

The Journal-Patriot reports how questions were raised after the town slapped a $2,500 gaming tax on a business after the owner said he refused to buy sweepstakes machines from Reece.

The Winston-Salem Journal reports how Reece, who raises chickens and has fought efforts to enact noise ordinances, paid an 18-year-old to secretly videotape the mayor’s wife smoking marijuana. The article also reports how Reece said under oath in a deposition that he helped export roosters to countries where cockfighting is a common pastime. In North Carolina, cockfighting is a felony.

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