Wake County seeing how school bus drivers can prevent bullying

07/18/2014 11:43 AM

07/18/2014 11:44 AM

Wake County school bus drivers could be asked to take more of an active role in preventing bullying on their buses.

Wake County school administrators say they’re looking at how they can act on a recommendation from the School Health Advisory Council to give bus drivers training in how to recognize and report bullying. It comes amid greater focus nationally on the problem of school bullying.

SHAC, which advises the school board on health issues, presents an annual report. This year’s report included doing more to prevent bullying, particularity on buses.

“This is definitely an item that we’re following up on because we do believe that it’s a recommendation where there’s some room for the conversation and action to move forward,” Deputy Superintendent Cathy Moore said at the June 12 meeting of the school board’s student achievement committee.

Moore told the board they need to check with transportation about what training is currently provided to drivers. She said they also need to seek clarification on the communication between schools and drivers on how incidents on buses are handled.

School board member Bill Fletcher said he has no data but has heard anecdotes about bullying problems on buses.

“There may be certain portions of our buses that have a much greater issue here than others,” said Fletcher, chairman of the student achievement committee. “And so maybe training that is targeted to where we know there have been challenges based on the routes served might be the most efficient use of our resources, as well as our magic cameras and camera boxes.”

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