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November 7, 2013

New state test results will show fewer Wake County students passing

Wake County school officials will tell the public that they shouldn’t be too concerned about lower than usual test scores because the new state exams are more rigorous.

D-day has finally come for the Wake County school system and the state’s other public schools to deal with the fallout from the release of what will be sharply lower test results than normal.

The State Board of Education will release the 2012-13 test results that are part of the new READY accountability program. A lot of schools across the state, including several in Wake, are expected to report proficiency rates of below 50 percent.

Wake school officials have scheduled a press conference this afternoon to discuss the results.

Based on the presentation given at Tuesday’s school board meeting, expect to hear a lot about how the passing rates reflect that the exams are harder and not that students are doing worse. Also expect to hear a lot about how many schools met growth expectations under the SAS EVAAS system.

Whether parents at a school where 30 percent of kids are showing proficiency on the state exams will be mollified to hear that it met or exceeded growth remains to be seen.

(I’m on vacation for the rest of the week. But feel free to comment on the results if you want to do so.)

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