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January 7, 2014

Giving new contracts to Wake County teachers

Wake County school administrators will brief the school board today on the status of complying with a new state law that eliminates tenure and requires offering four-year contracts with pay raises to 25 percent of teachers.

How would you determine who are the top 25 percent of teachers in the Wake County school system?

That’s an issue that Wake County school administrators will discuss today with the school board as they try to implement the new state law that phases out tenure for teachers by 2018. Until then, Wake and other school systems are required to offer four-year contracts containing $500 a year raises to 25 percent of the teachers.

The state law says the offers should go to the top 25 percent of teachers. But determining who they are isn’t going to be easy.

In the case of Wake, it means determining which 2,108 of the 8,432 teachers should get the offers. Another question is how many teachers will accept the offers as the N.C. Association of Education has filed a lawsuit contesting the new state law and is urging educators to reject the new contracts.

You can probably expect to hear complaints today about the new law from both school administrators and school board members.

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