Wake County high school students missing English 2 grades

01/28/2014 6:00 AM

01/27/2014 10:13 PM

Wake County high school students who completed English 2 during the fall semester shouldn’t expect to see for now a final grade on their first-semester report card.

As noted in today’s article, Wake had planned before the snow day to release high school report cards on schedule today, Jan. 28. But there will be a grade of incomplete listed for English 2, Wake says, “until scores are returned from DPI.”

No additional information was provided by the school district on Monday.

What Wake is saying seems to be in conflict with what DPI is saying.

As the article notes, school districts around the state are delaying this week’s release of high school report cards or are issuing them with incomplete grades.

The issue is that DPI won’t have ready until Friday the table that districts can use to help them convert into letter grades the scores on more than 25 state Final Exams in English, math,science and social studies. Some districts like Johnston County are getting around the issue by converting the grades themselves using their district scores.

With the Final Exams accounting for at least 20 percent of the final grade, these exams are a big deal.

School districts like Charlotte-Mecklenburg will issue report cards with multiple incomplete grades for some students.

In contrast, Wake will only have an incomplete grade for English 2. Here’s where there is a bit of a disconnect.

DPI acknowledges that the conversion table for the Final Exams is not done. But DPI says that the information for all the end-of-course exams such as English 2 were provided to the districts already.

This won’t be an issue for schools in Wake like Broughton and Enloe high schools that don’t use the 4x4 block schedule. Since those two high schools offer courses that run the full year, English 2 students there won’t take the EOG until late May or early June.


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