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February 28, 2014

Determining a victor in the Wake County school construction fight

The Wake County school board seems to be the victor in getting the Board of Commissioners to agree not to ask the General Assembly to pass a bill turning school construction authority over to the county.

Who won the battle over control of Wake County school construction?

As noted in today’s article, it’s being called a good compromise because the Wake County school board will still retain construction authority but the Wake County Board of Commissioners will be more involved in the planning process.

But arguably it looks like the school board is the victor.

Consider all the fighting that took place at the General Assembly last year as paid lobbyists for both boards worked behind the scenes on the school construction bill. The school system won in that House Bill 726 was rejected in the House, but it was still on the list of bills for consideration in the short session because it had passed the Senate.

One way to tell who won is that Ed Jones, chairman of the Wake County Taxpayers Association, said he’s disappointed that commissioners agreed not to lobby the General Assembly to pass H726. He said they’ll ask the commissioners why they backed away.

“If they had tried and failed, the would have at least tried,” Jones said.

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