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March 5, 2014

Diane Ravitch praises Wake County school vote against new teacher contracts

Education scholar Diane Ravitch says the Wake County school board's vote calling for a repeal of the new contracts a "victory" for teachers.

The Wake County school board’s vote Tuesday to ask for the repeal of the state law requiring districts to give contracts with raises to top teachers in return for them giving up tenure is getting national attention.

In a blog post Tuesday night, education scholar Diane Ravitch called the vote a “victory” for teachers. She gave a “thank you” to the Wake school board “for not letting the legislature bully your teachers!”

In another post Tuesday night, Ravitch writes that the vote shows “perhaps, perhaps, perhaps common sense will prevail in embattled North Carolina.”

Ravitch’s opposition to standardized testing, charter schools, vouchers for private schools and reform efforts backed by corporate groups has drawn her plenty of fans among the left.

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