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March 25, 2014

Wake County school board to discussing grading and school bus conduct policies

The Wake County school board’s policy committee is scheduled to discuss items such as the consequences for causing a disturbance on a school bus and what changes should be made to the grading and homework policies.

Policies governing student conduct, grading, homework, attendance, promotion and professional learning teams are on the agenda for today’s meeting of the Wake County school board’s policy committee.

The committee will discuss how the Code of Student Conduct makes a school transportation disturbance a Level II offense that’s generally subject to a short-term suspension of up to five days. That part of the code has gotten media attention since N.C. HEAT publicly complained about a Southeast Raleigh High School student still being in jail after being arrested for an incident on a school bus on March 7.

The committee is also delving back into the sensitive topic of modifying the grading and homework policies to exclude non-academic related behaviors in the academic grades. In November, school leaders backed away from changes that would have banned zero grades and limited punishment for handing in assignments late.

The committee will discuss how to proceed with any changes in grading and homework.

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