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April 10, 2014

Wake County school board to discuss PPP, Advanced Placement and Bright Ideas

The Wake County school board’s student achievement committee will discuss the Positive Parenting Program, Advance Placement courses and the Bright Ideas program.

Positive parenting and increasing access to academically rigorous programs will be the focus of today’s Wake County school board student achievement committee meeting.

The committee will receive an overview of the $2 million Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) Grant that Project Enlightenment received in November from the John Rex Endowment. Project Enlightenment is supposed to train 18 community agencies in positive parenting strategies that will help more than 27,000 Raleigh families.

The committee will then hear how the district is increasing opportunities for students to take Advanced Placement courses and is providing support for rigor.

The committee will also review an overview of the Bright Ideas program and how it impacts academically and intellectually gifted students. It appears to be the same as the Project Bright Idea program that the board’s defunct economically disadvantaged student performance task force heard about in 2011.

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