Wake GOP blames increase in teacher resignations on Bev Perdue, Common Core

04/18/2014 2:18 PM

04/19/2014 5:32 AM

The Wake County Republican Party is trying to focus the blame for the increase in teacher resignations on former Democratic Governor Bev Perdue and the Common Core State Standards.

In a press release Friday,, the Wake GOP says it shares the concerns raised Thursday by Wake County school leaders about the 41 percent increase in teacher resignations this school year compared to the same time last year. Click here to view the Wake GOP press release and here for the attachment on teacher pay.

“Would we be seeing this increase in resignations if the Perdue budgets had NOT cut teacher pay almost 15% from 2008 -2013?” the Wake GOP asks.

Since 2008, teachers have only seen one state pay raise.

The GOP press release says that “we thank (Republican) Governor Pat McCrory for the 1.2% raise in teacher pay – the first in 5 years.” But the 1.2 percent pay raise was adopted in 2012 when Perdue was still in office. That year, Perdue had requested a higher pay raise for teachers but the General Assembly put a lower one in the budget that she vetoed but was overridden.

Also in the press release, the Wake GOP says “we all need to look at the whole problem.”

“How many teachers are leaving because of the excessive testing and strain to teacher workloads caused by Common Core?” the Wake GOP asks.

None of the teachers who spoke at the district’s news conference said they’re resigning because of Common Core. All three cited low pay as the reason.

The Wake GOP also takes a shot at the Democratic-led Wake school board, saying it “will spend millions more than necessary on a new high school, rather than extending a helping hand to our hard-working teachers which they could have done.”

The GOP is reviving the complaints it made last year about the $75 million cost for Rolesville High School.


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