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May 19, 2014

Wake County Commissioners put teacher pay raises back on legislative agenda

Support for state-funded teacher pay raises is back on the legislative agenda for the Wake County Board of Commissioners.

Teacher pay raises are back on the Wake County Board of Commissioners’ state legislative agenda along with support for a bill that could force the school system to change how it does major construction projects.

The draft legislative agenda on today’s meeting agenda includes “support state-funded teacher pay increases.” This comes after it was on the draft submitted by staff in April but was omitted from the version presented May 5.

After the last meeting, Commissioners’ Chairman Phil Matthews said that it wasn’t listed because “teachers are state employees. That’s a state issue,” outside of the county’s purview.

But Commissioner Caroline Sullivan said the purpose of a legislative agenda is to ask lawmakers to deal with issues at their level that affect the counties. Teacher pay is one of those, she said.

Still remaining on the legislative agenda is support for a draft bill that would restrict the use of construction manager at risk and restrict the use of prequalification of bidders. Click here for a prior blog post on construction manager at risk and why the school system prefers to use this approach.

Since the last meeting, several groups have submitted letters that are part of today’s agenda packet voicing their support for keeping construction manager at risk. They cite how the process increases minority participation in construction projects.

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