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June 5, 2014

David Schwenker named principal of Wake NC State STEM Early College High School

The transfer of David Schwenker from principal of Southeast Raleigh High School to the Wake NC State STEM Early College High School. has drawn questions at his former school.

The Wake County school system announced Thursday that David Schwenker will be the new principal of the Wake N.C. State STEM Early College High School.

Schwenker will replace Robert Matheson, whose transfer is to be determined. Schwenker’s transfer was listed as to be determined on Tuesday, school officials said, because they had to get the principal change signed off by the other parties at the school.

Schwenker’s reassignment from Southeast Raleigh High School on Tuesday has sparked complaints from some parents and students who contend it was done in a secretive matter.

In an interview Thursday, Schwenker said he didn’t seek the new position but was looking forward to leading an early college high school, which would be a new challenge for him. He, along with school leaders, said his transfer should be viewed in the context of the various transfers that Superintendent Jim Merrill is making now that he’s had nearly a year in the job.

Schwenker wrote a letter to Southeast Raleigh High parents on Thursday to explain the transfer and to praise Candis Jones, his successor.

Click here for the bio sheets for Schwenker and Jones.

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