Clayton man says watch out for deer

11/07/2013 8:15 PM

11/07/2013 8:16 PM

It’s never a good idea to turn down the ringer on your cell phone, because that’s when someone really is going to try to get in touch. So around 6:45 Tuesday night, I noticed that I had like 5 missed calls and a voice message. I noticed because I was told to check my phone by my son, who had just deplaned from Indianapolis and wanted to know if I’d heard from mom, seeing as she’d been in an accident and had texted him to tell his idiot dad.

(I don’t know as she texted those precise words to junior. But anyway, uh oh.)

My wife, driving home from work on Ten-Ten in Garner, had been smacked into by a deer. My wife was OK, but the Camry was banged up pretty good on the driver’s side. It is now in the shop in Clayton being attended to by specialists in deer impact craters.

In today’s paper was a New York Times story on the Outdoors page warning about deer mating season, and how drivers should beware.

The story says that from 2010 to 2012, there were 19,500 animal-related crashes in North Carolina, most of which involved deer. And the highest frequency of deer-car collisions is in November.

After I posted on this my Facebook blew up. This is a really massive topic of discussion. Cable should be all over rutting.

One of my Facebook friends and former colleague, Joyce Hicks, reports:

“Another friend of mine just posted that she stopped to avoid a deer in Johnston Co. tonight. A car in the other lane hit the deer and threw it in front of her car. They're apparently out in force now.”

A current colleague, Kip Coons, said a large buck ran in front of him on Blue Ridge Road yesterday morning.

Next year, I’m going to suggest that we do something earlier for our readers; like with the time change, we put something on the front of the Sunday paper that says: “Remember to Fall Back. And Look Out!” Somehow we can make that graphic of a clock and a deer work.

P.S. I should add that Trooper Dail of the Highway Patrol responded to my wife’s accident, and she was described by my wife as very nice and professional.

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