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May 23, 2014

An honest municipal tweet

The City of Wilmington lets its residents know that they’re working to fix the yard waste trucks. I liked that.

This morning I saw a tweet from the City of Wilmington that went like this:

“Yardwaste pickup is 2-3 days behind because several trucks are down - city mechanics working OT to fix trucks.”

I liked the honesty of the tweet, especially the part about the mechanics working overtime to get the trucks fixed.

Because after you cut down that runaway garden thug of a sort-of tree or bush with a rusty axe and a saw and drag that sucker out to the street, you want it gone. And when it is still there after several days, and everyone else’s weekend debris is still out there, you start to wondering.

But through the magic of Twitter, the City of Wilmington reassured its folks that the trucks will be there, the guys are working overtime on it, don’t worry, we’re on it. All that was lacking was a web cam showing Charlie and Eddie in the Wilmington city garage wrestling with a balky transmission and swearing at it. That would have been a nice extra. But they did have a picture of a mechanic’s legs - I couldn’t tell if it was Charlie or Eddie - sticking out of some part of the truck.

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