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October 8, 2013

A welcome guide to the new Under the Dome blog

Welcome to the new home for the Under the Dome blog, a fixture in North Carolina politics since 1934. Here’s a guide to the new Dome blog interface.

Welcome to the new home for the Under the Dome blog, a fixture in North Carolina politics since 1934.

First things first, our new address is newsobserver.com/dome. So please reset your bookmarks.

The blog’s former home at projects.newsobserver.com/dome will keep standing as the source for Dome archives. So visit the link for all posts prior to Oct. 9, 2013.

Here are some tips on using the new Dome interface:

• This blog is best viewed in Google Chrome or a Safari browser. Some Firefox users may experience formatting issues.
•  To read the entire post, you will need to click “Read More...” On the blog’s main page, the first three paragraphs of the most recent post will show but only the first paragraph of older posts is visible.
•  To get back to the main page, you can no longer click the Dome logo at the top. Instead, click the text underneath that reads “Under the Dome blog.”
•  The new Dome no longer displays the key word tags atop a post. These are now embedded in the system. So to find all Dome blog posts about Gov. Pat McCrory, for instance, use the search box at the top right of the page. Tip: use quotes to search phrases. For example, search “Pat McCrory” to narrow the results.
•  The features that once ran down the side of the page — such as the map of North Carolina voting registration patterns, interactive features and a list of links to political and government sites — is now found under “Resources” at the right of the page. Just click the link.
•  All comments on the Dome blog will now go through Facebook, per the newspaper’s policy. Find more about the commenting policy here.
•  A list of contributors to Dome is no longer listed on the right side of the page. Dome is written by The News & Observer’s state government and political team. To email all the Dome reporters and editors, send an email to capitol@newsobserver.com.

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