New GOP poll confirms others: McCrory’s popularity took a dive

10/31/2013 4:41 PM

10/31/2013 4:42 PM

UPDATED: A new poll from a Republican firm confirms what Democratic pollsters have reported for months: Gov. Pat McCrory’s popularity has taken a hit.

McCrory’s job approval rating is 46 approve and 44 percent disapprove, according to a National Research poll for the conservative Civitas Institute. His favorability is a tick lower at 43 percent favorable to 44 percent unfavorable.

The numbers indicate that those polled — only registered voters who cast ballots in either 2010, 2012 or both —are essentially split, given the poll’s 4 percent margin of error. But the job approval numbers represent 10-point drop from May, when National Research last polled the question and found his job approval at 54 percent to 29 percent.

The shift downward for McCrory is attributed to rising unfavorability from independents and Democrats this year. Since January when he took office, his job disapproval rating among independents rose from 7 percent to 43 percent, according to the crosstabs.

Earlier this month, Public Policy Polling showed McCrory’s job approval rating at 37 percent with 51 percent disapproving. The Democratic firm suggested the partisan upheaval in the legislative session was partly to blame for the drop.

But Civitas Institute Presisent Francis De Luca put a positive spin on the numbers: “In our October poll it is better to be Gov. McCrory than it is to be President Obama,” he said. “Despite taking a beating from liberal activists this year, Gov. McCrory is statistically at the break-even point. President Obama on the other hand is upside down by almost 10 points after the one-two punch of the federal government shutdown and the Affordable Care Act rollout.”

For comparison, President Barack Obama’s job approval rating is 44 percent (to 53 percent unfavorable) and his favorability is 43 percent (to 52 percent unfavorable).

Hagan’s job approval is at 43 percent compared to 37 percent disapprove, according to the Carolina Journal. Republican U.S. Sen. Richard Burr is at 36 percent approve to 34 percent disapprove.

Hagan’s numbers in the GOP poll are better than those in the Democratic PPP survey, which put Hagan’s job approval at 36 percent with 41 percent disapproving.

Civitas presented its findings at a luncheon Thursday but declined to make the entire poll public. It did not poll head-to-head match ups in the U.S. Senate Republican primary or against Hagan, saying it was “too soon,” Carolina Journal reported.

Important to note: National Research and PPP poll differently. They reach different voters: National Research put a voting test on its sample while PPP just polled registered voters. And they do it different ways: National Research has live-callers and reaches 25 percent of its sample on cellphones while PPP is an automated landline-only survey.

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