As she requests a probe, Hagan says she still supports health care law

11/12/2013 2:18 PM

11/12/2013 2:19 PM

U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan told reporters on a press call Tuesday morning that the letter-writing campaign she's leading for a probe on the botched health care site is about improving future government websites.

The Democrat said she wants an investigation into why the companies with the contracts to build the site didn’t do a better job so that the government can “make sure a launch like this never happens again.” She called it an opportunity to improve how the government undertakes large information technology projects in the future.

Hagan also pointed out that some of the bidding for the website went back to 2007, but the awards went out in 2011.

“Many tech companies and top talent have emerged since 2007,” she said.

Hagan's attacks are focused on the website's problems and fixes to the Affordable Care Act. Republicans see the health care law as a big weakness for her going into her re-election race next year.

But Hagan said she hasn't wavered from support for the law itself. Today she cited its guarantee of insurance for people with pre-existing conditions, keeping young adult children on their parents' plans, and an end to the practice of people losing their insurance when they reached a maximum.

Hagan also supports a bill that would let individuals keep their health plans. It's not at all clear whether the Democratic leaders in the Senate will let that bill go to a vote.

National Republican Senatorial Committee spokeswoman Brook Hougesen wrote in a statement that many North Carolinians are losing their plans. Hougesen said Hagan was "attempting to hide the fact" that she voted for the law.

Asked what advice she has for North Carolinians who have had their individual policies canceled because they don’t meet the new law’s standards, Hagan replied: “I am encouraging everybody to go on the site, look through it, find out what the benefits are.”

She said that many people will find they'll receive tax credits and get a better plan than their current one. She said they also could talk to a caseworker in one of her offices for individual help.

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