PPP: Kay Hagan’s poll numbers continue to fall

01/14/2014 1:25 PM

01/14/2014 1:26 PM

Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan’s approval rating continued to slide in January, according to the latest polling, as she faces a dead heat against her Republican rivals thanks to the unpopularity of the federal health care law.

Hagan’s approval rating at 39 percent with 49 percent disapproving and another 13 percent unsure, a Public Policy Polling survey released Tuesday found. The first-term incumbent saw her approval decline four percentage points from December’s poll as those voters shifted to the undecided column.

Hagan’s disapproval spiked to 49 percent in November and stuck amid the troubled roll out of the federal health care law and constant TV ads against her from conservative political groups.

The Democratic firm’s poll has a margin of error of plu-or-minus 2.6 percent. It is also the first North Carolina poll conducted with new methods that use web surveys to reach those without land line phones in addition to the traditional automated calls.

In a hypothetical match up against her potential Republican opponents, Hagan is deadlocked against the entire field, down one percentage point to Heather Grant and Thom Tillis and two points to the rest of the field, Mark Harris, Greg Brannon and Bill Flynn. Ted Alexander, the latest candidate to announce a bid, was not included in the poll.

The spin from pollster Tom Jensen: “Hagan's main issue is that with independents she has a 30/56 approval rating and trails all of her opponents by double digits. Unpopularity of the Affordable Care Act seems to be driving much of her trouble. Only 38 percent of voters in the state overall support it to 48 percent who are opposed, and independents are more against it than the overall electorate at 31/57.

“Sixty-one percent of voters think its implementation has been unsuccessful to 32 percent who deem it a success. Those numbers have actually been slowly moving in a positive direction for Democrats though. The percentage of voters rating it unsuccessful has declined from 69 percent in November to 65 percent in December to the new 61 percent mark.

“This race continues to look like a toss up, but Hagan could definitely use a change of topic from Obamacare to help get her numbers out of this rut.”

See the full results here.

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