Kay Hagan blasted for health care law in new TV ad

05/20/2014 1:10 PM

02/15/2015 11:21 AM

A Republican “dark money” group is putting $3.6 million behind an effort to blast Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan on her support for the federal health care law.

Crossroads GPS debuted a new TV ad Tuesday that retreads familiar ground: the broken pledges of President Barack Obama and Hagan concerning whether people could keep their insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act. (See ad below.)

It is spending more than $900,000 to air the ad in North Carolina for a week. Crossroads is spending roughly the same amount to run more ads the weeks of June 10, July 1 and July 22, a spokesman said.

The prolonged effort is designed to keep “Obamacare” a centerpiece in the race, even as Hagan embraces her role in passing the law and Democrats contend it may help their chances in the fall elections. A recent report by Kantar Media, a nonpartisan firm, estimated that TV political ads citing the law totaled $445 million since it was enacted in 2010 with negative spots appearing 15 times for every positive one.

Crossroads GPS is an arm of the Karl Rove-affiliated American Crossroads but as a 501c4 nonprofit is not required to disclose its donors. American Crossroads is supporting Republican Thom Tillis and spent $1.6 million to help elect him in the GOP primary earlier this month. The Crossroads GPS ad is careful not to endorse a candidate.

It specifically highlights a vote in September 2010 in which Hagan and Senate Democrats rejected a Republican resolution to void an Obama administration rule concerning the grandfathering policies, citing a CNN article. “When Kay Hagan had a chance to keep her word and protect our health insurance plans, she vote no,” the ad states.

The 30-second spot goes a step further to say Hagan broke her promise that people could keep their doctors under the health care law – a claim with more dubious support. Factcheck.org and PolitiFact have suggested in separate pieces that such claims are misleading.

In a statement, Hagan’s campaign pushed back against the TV ad, highlighting her efforts to change parts of the law. “Kay is focused on commonsense fixes to make the Affordable Care Act work better, including pushing a bill to let people stay on their plans permanently,” it read.

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