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Lawyers argue in landmark N.C. case

A showdown between Gov. Pat McCrory and leaders of the General Assembly brought two former governors to a Raleigh courtroom Thursday to hear lawyers argue what could become a landmark constitutional case. At issue is whether the legislature has the power to appoint members of certain commissions or whether the governor has sole authority.

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McCrory pitches steady-the-course budget

Gov. Pat McCrory unveiled his proposed $21.5 billion budget Thursday, describing it as a conservative approach that makes cuts where needed in order to put money where it will have the most impact. The governor tried to keep the spotlight on education, emphasizing that more than $1 billlion will have been spent on teacher pay during his first term in office, if the budget is adopted by the General Assembly. He said 56 percent of the budget would go to education.

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Proposed NC transportation budget depends on $475 million gas tax hike

Gas tax collections are expected to fall by several hundred million dollars over the next two years, under a statutory formula that pegs the tax rate to plunging oil prices. But in his transportation budget Gov. McCrory avoids drastic cuts in state spending for road construction and bridge repairs. McCrory assumes the legislature will raise the gas tax.

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