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NC agencies pay millions for contract work

NC hires hundreds of professionals every year on personal services contracts, sometimes at seemingly excessive rates to fill what are supposed to be temporary needs for more doctors, attorneys, engineers and the like. A legislative review has found that the contracts, which cost the state an average of $22 million a year over the past five years, have been so misused that they should be eliminated.


NC bill would abolish consent-to-rate process

A proposed bill would prohibit homeowners insurance companies from skirting the state’s regulatory process by getting policyholders to sign a “consent to rate” form that agrees to higher rates. Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin opposes the bill, saying it is too broad.

State Politics

Tillis presses case on 440th

Sen. Thom Tillis, a North Carolina Republican, says he’s lobbying to get the Air Force to change its decision to inactivate the 440th Airlift Wing because it would harm the ability of the Army’s Global Response Force to fly from Fort Bragg to trouble spots in any part of the world in 18 hours or less.

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