Timeline of events in John Edwards' political career

01/30/2008 1:03 PM

01/30/2008 1:06 PM


NOV. 3: John Edwards, a successful trial lawyer in North Carolina, is elected to his first political office, becoming U.S. senator.


JAN. 1: Edwards announces that he is launching a presidential bid.

FEB. 17-18: He visits Iowa for the first time as a candidate and attends a fund-raiser in New York.

JULY 23: He opens his South Carolina campaign headquarters in Columbia.

SEPT. 7: Edwards announces that he will not seek re-election to the Senate.


JANUARY: Edwards places a surprising second in the Iowa caucuses behind John Kerry. He finishes fourth in the New Hampshire primary.

FEB. 3: He finishes first in the South Carolina primary and second in Oklahoma.

FEB. 9: Edwards vows to stay in the race “well into March,” even if he fails to win a primary before the end of the month.

FEB. 17: He finishes a strong second in the Wisconsin primary.

MARCH 2: He fails to win any of the 10 Super Tuesday contests.

MARCH 3: Edwards leaves the race.

MAY 8: Edwards speaks to Ohio Democrats, part of an apparent audition tour for vice president.

JULY 6: Kerry announces his pick of Edwards as his running mate.

NOV. 2: President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney are re-elected. The next day, John and Elizabeth Edwards learn that she has cancer.


FEBRUARY: Edwards is named director of the newly founded Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity at UNC-Chapel Hill.


MAY: Edwards says he will not run for president in 2008 if his wife’s health worsens.

DEC. 28: He begins his second run for president. He makes his announcement from a Katrina-ravaged section of New Orleans.


JAN. 20: Sen. Hillary Clinton announces she will run for president.

FEB. 10: Sen. Barack Obama enters the race.

MARCH 22: John and Elizabeth Edwards announce that her breast cancer has returned. This time, the cancer is in her rib and is an incurable form. They plan to continue with the campaign.

JULY: Edwards takes flak for paying $400 for haircuts from a Beverly Hills stylist.

SEPTEMBER: Edwards announces he will begin accepting public campaign financing.


JAN. 3: Edwards finishes second to Obama in the Iowa caucuses.

JAN. 8: He finishes a distant third in the New Hampshire primary.

JAN. 19: In Nevada, he finishes third again, this time in single-digits.

JAN. 26: Edwards finishes a distant third in South Carolina primary, his native state. He had carried the state primary in 2004.

JAN. 30: Edwards drops out of the race.

Compiled by news researcher Denise Jones.

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