July 31, 2014

Kickstarter campaign promises better camera straps

Peak Design has a promising Kickstarter campaign for a couple of clever products promised to improve camera ergonomics.

Still looking for the perfect camera strap?

There is no shortage of uncomfortable camera straps. Any avid photographer can attest to the neck and shoulder fatigue of some. They can also be a pain to attach and adjust, but San Francisco-based Peak Design has a promising Kickstarter campaign for a couple of clever products to improve ergonomics.

The Clutch and the Slide adopt the company’s Anchor Links that securely connect and release with ease. The connectors support over 200 pounds of force.

The Slide can be quickly adjusted to be worn as a neck strap, shoulder strap or sling.

It can be attached to the usual strap eyelets of any camera, but it can also attach to an included base-plate that is compatible with ARCA tripod heads allowing you to mount your camera in a tripod without unscrewing anything. One side of the padded strap is slick for smooth sliding action and the other is grippy.

I’ve been lugging a DSLR and a hefty 80-200mm f/2.8 zoom lens around with the Sling. It’s versatility and quick adjustment make it a favorite. I walked nearly four miles in one outing experienced very little fatigue or discomfort.

The Clutch attaches to a strap eyelets and a baseplate mount. The hand strap can also be quickly adjusted. It has also be used simultaneously with the Sling.

Supporters of Peak Design’s Kickstarter campaign get a set of Anchor Links for a $15 contribution, the Clutch strap for $30, and the Slide for $50. You can save $20 by pledging $80 for the Clutch and Slide package.

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