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January 15, 2014

New NC driver’s license coming. How do you like your old one?

Once again, the NC Division of Motor Vehicles is preparing to toss out its old technology for manufacturing our driver’s licenses, and to replace it with new technology that purportedly will thwart counterfeiters and ID thieves.

How do you like what’s in your wallet? Let me know.

The state Division of Motor Vehicles says it will start issuing an entirely new sort of driver’s license, in an effort to thwart identity thieves and counterfeiters. DMV announces similar improvements every decade or so. But is the new license always better?

(1/21/14 update: Road Worrier: Drivers hope new NC licenses won’t crack, fade, break.)

My own license, shown here, has faded in the past couple of years. And it’s a replacement card for one that cracked about three years ago. I’m hoping for an improvement in the new model, which will be distributed in 2015.

How do you like your present license? Has it cracked or peeled or faded? Has it lost its legibility? Have you had to request a replacement? Please let me know by email ( – don’t forget your name and contact info) or by phone (919-829-4527).

Never mind the problem that, with every passing day, your actual mug looks less and less like your license mugshot. We can’t blame DMV for that.

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