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January 3, 2014

Triangle’s bitter cold is harsh, but not record breaking

The temperatures in the Triangle are very cold, but not the lowest on record for Jan. 3.

It was cold this morning. With a recorded low of 23º and an early morning wind chill of 13º, by Raleigh standards, it was brutal out there. Still, it’s not the worst Raleigh has seen.

On this day back in 1887, the record low of 9º was recorded. I’d imagine in those days, the cold was even harder to deal with since residents were lacking the comforts of modern technology that we take for granted these days. Even that cold temperature is not the coldest in Raleigh’s history. I was actually surprised to see in the records a low of minus 9 on January 21, 1985. Yes, I said minus 9! Those who have lived in Raleigh longer than I have might remember that one.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you probably know I also like to look at the records you don’t see in the daily almanac such as the lowest maximum temperature recorded. The coldest high temperature recorded for today was 22º in 1918, so we are not in danger of breaking that one. For the trivia junkies, I’ll add that our coldest high on record occurred on February 13, 1899, and it was a chilly 10º.

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