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    Israel and Gaza: A destiny shared

    When children die in these numbers, when the legitimate claim of the Jewish people to a sliver of earth is again contested, when the shrieking cacophony of each side declaiming its “truths” overwhelms, human progress seems a fickle fantasy. Truth, even before social media, was always...


    Robinson: Israel losing the moral high ground

    The civilian death toll in Gaza from Israel’s latest incursion is appalling. The right to self-defense is inalienable, but it is not free from moral constraints. I support Israel. I abhor Hamas. But unleashing such devastating firepower on a tiny, densely crowded enclave in which civilians...


    Krauthammer: Obama outrageously waits for history to handle Putin

    A real U.S. president would give Kiev the weapons it needs, impose devastating sectoral sanctions on Moscow, reinstate our Central European missile-defense system and make a Reaganesque speech explaining why. Obama has done none of these things. Why should he? He’s on the right side of history...


    A modest proposal: Let our executions match our rhetoric

    The botched execution this week in Arizona of a convicted murderer who spent nearly two hours gasping for air as he died is just one more reason to question the whole enterprise of capital punishment. It is morally untenable.


    Without transit, Raleigh adding density on a foundation of sand

    This month, the Raleigh City Council approved a zoning request for a seven-story building on a 0.18-acre parcel on Hillsborough Street just west of Horne Street. At the corners of Clark Avenue and Oberlin Road, two new four-story apartment developments are almost complete, and another apartment ...


    Giving UNC campuses renewable energy options

    Restrictions make it difficult for UNC campuses to lease solar panels on rooftops or land and to keep and use the clean, renewable power they generate. Looking forward, UNC hopes state policymakers will consider enabling non-utility entities, including the university, to generate and use their own...


    Jenkins: Raleigh should reject state's latest offer on Dix property

    The Great Dorothea Dix Property Dispute of 2014 has seemed endless, ever since Republicans new to control of the General Assembly nixed a deal between Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue and the city of Raleigh that would have provided a long-term lease for the purpose of creating a park.


    Want to fight income inequality? Let’s have a 401(k) for all

    With the US economy recovering and many Americans beginning to focus on rebuilding lost nest eggs, politicians on all sides should see something they like in a policy that would both reduce wealth inequality and encourage individual wealth creation.


    BCBS of NC is politicizing care of autistic children

    It's time for BCBS to stop stonewalling on autism coverage, stop trying to pass the buck and find some sort of reasonable middle ground. SB 493 is a reaction to unfairly restrictive BCBS policies.


    An important step toward LGBT equality

    As I told President Obama in an email this week, his decision to issue an executive order to bar discrimination against LGBT workers like me among federal contractors is an important step in the struggle for full workplace equality.

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