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    Some UNC centers more about politics than academics

    Jane Shaw and Jenna Robinson: Centers at the University of North Carolina have held one-sided, partisan meetings – with Democrats in charge – arousing little or no objection. That fact should be recognized now that the UNC Board of Governors is reviewing on-campus centers.


    Board of Governors’ review of UNC centers has clear agenda

    Joseph Polich: This was a content-review ambush hidden beneath budget qualifications and “phases.” If the BOG decides to close the Poverty Center or the Center for Civil Rights – I say “close” because cuts aren’t possible as neither of these centers receives...


    FBI review of Lennon Lacy death welcome

    The FBI has accepted calls from the NAACP and others to investigate the death of Lennon Lacy, a 17-year-old from Bladenboro who was found hanging from a swing set in August. Doubts about the state’s ruling of the case as a suicide were already substantial. The more details we’ve learned...


    Brooks: Unions and a crisis of accountability

    David Brooks: Unions, and especially public-sector unions, have done a lot over the past decades to rigidify workplaces, especially government. Teachers’ unions have become the single biggest impediment to school reform. Police unions have become an impediment to police reform. If you look...


    NC makes good start, but US has long way to go on underage drinking

    Gov. Pat McCrory, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest and state ABC Commission Chairman Jim Gardner recently announced the state's new underage drinking initiative. North Carolina's teen rates were 34.3 percent for current alcohol use and 17.6 percent for binge drinking. This translates into 175,000 North Carolina...


    Focusing on the humans in NC community colleges

    At community colleges throughout the nation, there's a category of classes that combines providing job-prep skills with addressing the human condition. These classes - teaching things like how to write a resume, how to use a computer to search for jobs on the Internet and apply for those jobs online...


    Bruni: Confronting Alzheimer's, the ugly killer

    According to the Alzheimer's Association, an advocacy group, the estimated number of Americans with the disease will rise from more than 5 million now to as many as 16 million in 2050, and the cost of caring for them and older Americans with other forms of dementia could reach $1.2 trillion annually...


    Robinson: A win for the Cuban people

    Establishing full diplomatic relations should be seen as a US gain, not a giveaway. Anything that gives Cubans more exposure to American values and ideals is for the good. Vocal opponents of the Castro regime should be pressing Congress to completely lift the travel ban and the trade embargo. Fill...


    Harrop: Missing society's middle ring of relationships

    Froma Harrop: What is it that makes the holiday movie classic "It's a Wonderful Life" feel so ancient? It's the relationships, but which ones? Not George Bailey's warm and loving family. We have close families today. It's not the far-off relationships, as with long-lost school friends. We have more...


    Jenkins: The myth of a 'war on Christmas'

    So, saying "Happy Holidays" is part of a conspiracy to end Christmas? If only I'd known! It's a myth to claim there is a "war on Christmas."

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