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    Making it easier for NC businesses to be charitable toward the hungry

    The America Gives More Act would help the farmers, restaurants, retailers and food manufacturers we work with donate more excess food to those in need. Up until now, the charitable-giving provisions in the tax code have been repeatedly extended on a short-term, often erratic basis that limits their...


    Bob McCulloch: The face of injustice in Ferguson case

    When St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch announced the inevitable result Monday night, he prefaced it by blaming news organizations and social media for whipping up emotions in the case with inaccurate information. He went on to ridicule witnesses who had given inconsistent testimony. He hid...


    Harrop: Ferguson gives more proof that voting matters

    If most of Ferguson, Mo.'s eligible African-American voters feel that the city government treats them unfairly, they have a simple remedy: They can elect a different city government.


    What we need in Hagel's replacement at defense

    The next defense chief needs more authority and a more coherent defense strategy. Our return to Iraq makes it clear that this is not the time to be dismantling our military, but rather time to keep it strong and ready. Our world is becoming steadily more dangerous and our armed forces are needed.


    Any moderation in GOP's next legislation session?

    Will rip-roaring Republicans in North Carolina's General Assembly moderate their agenda during the next legislative session?


    Marcus: Ferguson shooting case still an enigma

    The decision before the grand jury in the Ferguson shooting involved a single incident, discrete facts about the encounter and a criminal justice system properly focused not on the broader societal implications of the episode but on the two individuals involved, the shooter and the victim.


    Not your children's Thanksgiving tale

    Perhaps it is not surprising that a woman started America's great celebration of family, abundance and unity. The Pilgrims? Forget about 'em. She brought them to the table. We can thank Sarah Josepha Buell Hale for Thanksgiving. The story of her founding this national holiday is better than the ...


    Wearable health monitors not quite there yet

    Wearable health technology is a burgeoning market already worth billions. More than 200 consumer devices offer to monitor and manage chronic illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension and to track medications, sleep or weight loss or pregnancy. They are especially popular for tracking fitness. ...


    Governments need money: Would you rather pay fees, be taxed or fined?

    Voters hate taxes and will punish any politician who threatens to raise them (or, in many cases, does not accede to cutting them). But schools, roads, police forces, garbage collection, firefighters, jails and pensions still cost money, even when you cut them back as much as voters will tolerate...


    A pleasant surprise: Obama’s immigration plan

    The president has done practically everything in his power to address the needs of the technology community. The larger problem is that this is a only Band-Aid. What is worse is that this will likely be the only immigration reform we see in the near future. It will take many years for the wounds...

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