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    The need to keep North Carolina’s good deal

    North Carolina has a deteriorating transportation infrastructure and steadily declining tax revenues flowing into our highway funds. We are lagging in workforce training, especially for high-tech, and lawmakers appear determined to gut our incentives programs. All of those areas are important criteria...


    Delusions or identity crisis, our government is struggling

    If the revered Founding Fathers had clear-cut ideas about which branch of government does what, how the powers counterbalanced one another and how jurisprudence and justice are supposed to be carried out, it’s all gotten a bit jumbled in recent months. At all levels of government – ...


    Ferguson aftermath: Contempt for a community

    No one should have been surprised that police officer Darren Wilson was not charged in the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown. Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch led the grand jury in a manner that seemed designed to indict the unarmed Brown rather than the man who shot him dead. The outcome...


    Cheap advice on NC educational standards

    If the review of Common Core standards ordered by the state legislature is a waste of time, at least it’s not costing any money. The Academic Standards Review Commission was authorized to hire consultants “to the extent that funds are available,” but no funds were appropriated...


    Where to after Ferguson? Start with Sunday mornings

    Overt racism isn’t tolerated now. Progress has been made on many fronts. Why is the faith community so slow in embracing this new America? If a church that teaches its followers to respect all of our Maker’s creations can’t include them all, how far have we really come?


    Making it easier for NC businesses to be charitable toward the hungry

    The America Gives More Act would help the farmers, restaurants, retailers and food manufacturers we work with donate more excess food to those in need. Up until now, the charitable-giving provisions in the tax code have been repeatedly extended on a short-term, often erratic basis that limits their...


    Bob McCulloch: The face of injustice in Ferguson case

    When St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch announced the inevitable result Monday night, he prefaced it by blaming news organizations and social media for whipping up emotions in the case with inaccurate information. He went on to ridicule witnesses who had given inconsistent testimony. He hid...


    Harrop: Ferguson gives more proof that voting matters

    If most of Ferguson, Mo.'s eligible African-American voters feel that the city government treats them unfairly, they have a simple remedy: They can elect a different city government.


    What we need in Hagel's replacement at defense

    The next defense chief needs more authority and a more coherent defense strategy. Our return to Iraq makes it clear that this is not the time to be dismantling our military, but rather time to keep it strong and ready. Our world is becoming steadily more dangerous and our armed forces are needed.


    Any moderation in GOP's next legislation session?

    Will rip-roaring Republicans in North Carolina's General Assembly moderate their agenda during the next legislative session?

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