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    Democracy in danger: Slide toward plutocracy may not stop until we take our rights seriously

    By both legal and illegal maneuvers, other democratic leaders around the world managed to create systems of quasi-electoral processes that made certain they would be perpetually in power. I fear that current elected officials have begun a similar campaign that will result in giving them immeasurable...


    Sex, birth control and laying a trap for the poor

    America is turning into a two-track society when it comes to fertility decisions, with high-income, highly educated Americans availed of better and more options. Nearly 9 in 10 young, unwed adults have had sex, which is why subsidies for family planning services make good sense.


    Police make progress in Fayetteville shooting death against big odds

    The police earn big cheers for this one: Five young men are in jail, facing charges related to the Sept. 27 murder of 16-year-old Joseph Braxton III. The cops caught them with little help from the public. They did it with good police and forensics work.


    Barack Obama, disappointer in chief

    Barack Obama isn’t the first president to fail to meet expectations – and he won’t be the last. But he has come to embody something else, too: the risks and travails of reaching for greatness in the presidency without the crisis, character and capacity necessary to achieve it...


    The fictitious 'war on women'

    Access to contraception has been a constitutional right for 49 years (Griswold v. Connecticut, 1965). The judiciary has controlled abortion policy for 41 years (Roe v. Wade, 1973). Yet the Democratic Party thinks women can be panicked into voting about mythical menaces to these things.


    FEC veteran laments ‘dark money’ in elections

    Ellen Weintraub of the Federal Elections Commission says the kind of anonymous money flooding North Carolina’s US Senate race is hurting the democratic process and making it hard for ordinary people to be heard.


    NC market needs and a patient investment in higher education

    Gov. Pat McCrory’s formulation – “Universities must adapt to ever-changing market needs” – casts the state as a fickle investor, angling for short-term gains. Today’s urgent market needs are tomorrow’s bygone career, as a lot of former typesetters can...


    A long history of deceptions in elections

    Americans for Prosperity has said that it did not intentionally send thousands of mailers with false information about voter registration to North Carolina voters last month. “A few minor administrative errors,” organization spokesman Donald Bryson told MSNBC. Yet this type of action...


    Pump wars and the demise of petro-dictators

    Is there a global oil war underway pitting the United States and Saudi Arabia on one side against Russia and Iran on the other? One can’t say for sure whether the American-Saudi oil alliance is deliberate or a coincidence of interests, but, if it is explicit, then clearly we’re trying...


    Welcome move for NC Supreme Court to decide school voucher issue

    The NC Supreme Court will decide sooner rather than later whether school vouchers violate the state constitution. The court announced it will hear an appeal of the August ruling by Judge Robert Hobgood that stopped payments under the Opportunity Scholarship program enacted by the General Assembly...

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