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Comment:  President Obama has urgently called on Congress to head off the sequester with a short-term fix. But instead of offering an alternative $1.2 trillion in cuts, Obama demanded a “balanced approach,” coupling any cuts with new tax increases. What should the Republicans do? Nothing.

Modified: 02/07/13 05:36:25 PM

Now an overdue push for greater accountability and transparency is gathering steam, propelled by growing unease that the drones strike targets in countries with whom the U.S. is not formally at war, that there are no publicly understood rules for picking targets and that the strikes may kill innocent civilians and harm, not help, U.S. interests.

Modified: 02/07/13 05:36:23 PM

Point of View:  The unsigned and undated Justice Department memo laying out the Obama administration’s legal justification for using force against certain U.S. citizens involved with al-Qaida offers important insight into the legal architecture of the overall U.S. effort against terrorists but hardly answers all the questions.

Modified: 02/06/13 06:01:07 PM

Dependence on a cold federal bureaucracy saps the innovation of the giver as well as the initiative and self-worth of the recipient. For example, only a few of the 80 federal welfare programs ever required recipients to work. Private charities, however, have more flexibility to innovate and encourage self-reliance.

Modified: 02/06/13 06:00:25 PM

Republicans’ optimistic talk collides with grim realities. Eric Cantor spoke about Lady Liberty lifting her “lamp beside the golden door” but was noncommittal on the comprehensive immigration reforms. He spoke about how “many of today’s cures and lifesaving treatments are a result of an initial federal investment” without mentioning that the House Republicans’ budgets would decimate medical research.

Modified: 02/06/13 05:58:09 PM

Comment:  Democratic leaders such as Govs. Bev Perdue and Mike Easley, Senate President Pro Tem Marc Basnight and House Speaker Joe Hackney either refused to read the state's balance sheets or were simply asleep at the wheel during their time in office. The problems they left behind in the unemployment insurance and Medicaid programs aren't the result of the recession. They're based in systematic neglect.

Modified: 02/05/13 10:02:12 PM

When stories like Michael McAdoo's burst into public view, the athlete is almost always cast as the villain, a cheater gaming the academy. But, in the case of UNC-Chapel Hill, McAdoo was the true victim. The real scandal is what goes on under the rubric of "academic counseling."

Modified: 02/06/13 03:56:05 AM

Point of View:  The state should help the enterprising unemployed employ themselves. Earning a degree to land a job can take years, but entrepreneurial "boot-camps" can make a difference in months for people determined to take their economic futures into their own hands.

Modified: 02/05/13 10:02:12 PM

More than 68,000 metric tons of nuclear waste have accumulated next to U.S. reactors, which weren't designed for long-term storage, and that figure is increasing by about 2,000 metric tons every year. Even decommissioned nuclear facilities require gates and guards to protect the waste, a ridiculous misuse of land and money.

Modified: 02/05/13 10:02:12 PM

Point of View:  Allowing the North Carolina government to decide what jobs the market should provide and how people should be trained to do those jobs makes government the dictator.

Modified: 02/05/13 04:02:58 AM

Commentary:  Gerrymandering is not hard. The core technique is to jam voters likely to favor your opponents into a few throwaway districts where the other side will win lopsided victories, a strategy known as "packing." Arrange other boundaries to win close victories, "cracking" opposition groups into many districts. North Carolina's districts take the prize.

Modified: 02/05/13 04:03:53 AM

Commentary:  The economy may or may not wind up in a technical recession, but the Obama economy never really made a recovery. Endemic low growth and high unemployment now define the U.S. economy - unless we chart another course.

Modified: 02/05/13 04:04:37 AM

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