Notable numbers: NC home schools, kidnapped journalists and poverty spending

08/22/2014 5:23 PM

08/22/2014 5:25 PM

Statistics from the past week that deserve a doubletake

25: The percentage of American boys ages 10 to 15 who were employed in 1910

$13: What it cost a traveling American family of four each day in lodging and meal costs in 1950 or $128 in today’s dollars

89 cents: What it cost those 1950s travelers driving a car per mile (adjusted for inflation)

59.2 cents: What it costs to drive the average sedan today per mile

12.9 pounds: The amount of ice cream produced per person in the United States in 2012

22.7 pounds: The amount of ice cream produced per person in 1946

1 million: The anticipated number of Wake County residents as of Friday

30: The percentage of Wake County school system graduates who are attending Wake Tech this year

70: The number of journalists who have been killed covering the conflict in Syria

80: The number of journalists who have been kidnapped in Syria

20: The estimated number of journalists currently missing in Syria

69,950: The number of home schools in North Carolina 2013-14

14.3: The percentage increase in the number of home schools over the previous year

27: The percentage increase since two years ago

98,172: The number of kids in those home schools this year

95,768: The number of students in North Carolina’s private schools

20: The number of times more likely people are to die from the HPV virus than from meningococcus, tetanus, pertussis and diptheria combined

80: The percentage of American teenagers who receive the meningococcus and Tdap vaccines

38: The percentage of American girls who have received the full HPV vaccine

14: The percentage of boys who have

17: The percentage of his proposed budgets that President Obama targeted for programs to help the poor, including food, housing education and health care

12: The percentage of his proposed budgets that President Clinton designated for such programs

8: The percentage that President Carter designated

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