Letters to the Editor

Margaret Smetana: Immigration questions for Lynch

In response to Rob Christensen’s March 4 column “Politics as usual on Lynch”: How could senators possibly vote for an attorney general who believes that the president has the right to change the laws on immigration for 5 million people? Past executive action in that area was on a case-by-case basis.

Letters to the Editor

Richard Lindayen: UNC’s bully board doesn’t get it

The Feb. 28 news article “UNC board closes 3 centers” reported on the protests that disrupted the Board of Governors meeting in Charlotte. These protests were not spontaneous but rather a planned action by a number of student and faculty groups responding to a review process that has systematically excluded our voices.

Letters to the Editor

Joe Hodges: Taxing times for seniors

Please don’t give me a North Carolina income tax break anymore. I cannot afford it because now that I have lost a $2,000 private pension exclusion that I worked 35 years for, I have to pay 7 percent more to read a newspaper and I have to pay about 3 percent more for my electricity to light, heat and cool my house.

Letters to the Editor

Marcus Henry: Athletics do not enhance education, either

Chairmain John Fennebresque said in his Feb. 27 statement on why the UNC Board of Governors chose to shut down the UNC Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity: “We also felt the center did not enhance the educational mission of the university, did not work across disciplines to effect change and did not have the financial support to sustain it.”

Letters to the Editor

Michael Dunne: Keep church, state separate

Thank goodness for Senate leader Phil Berger and his colleagues in the North Carolina state legislature, and too bad they weren’t around in the mid-1960s when Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) got into so much legal and boxing trouble when he refused to enlist in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War because of the teachings of his religion. He was stripped of his boxing license and title and convicted of evading the draft by a federal grand jury.

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