Letters to the Editor

Stand together

Whether hate or rage crime, the tragic loss of three promising young people is so appalling and senseless. Yet from this heart-wrenching crime rose, spontaneously, an amazing unity of Christians, Jews, Hindus and Muslims, unified in their condemnation of these senseless killings.

Letters to the Editor

Don Carter: Users should pay for after-hours parking

Your Feb. 28 editorial on “Free parking” was misguided. The most important things I learned while serving on the Downtown Raleigh Parking Task Force were that users should always pay their parking costs and that free parking encourages abuse. For these reasons alone, businesses should not be burdened with paying after-hours parking costs.

Letters to the Editor

Fred Burchett: Try parking validation program

Parking is similar to the weather in that it is a topic on which everyone has an opinion. Your Feb. 28 editorial “Free parking” acknowledged the city faces a challenge regarding evening parking in the downtown garages. Instead of thoughtful discussion, you took the easy way out and opposed a fee for evening parking.

Letters to the Editor

Margaret Smetana: Immigration questions for Lynch

In response to Rob Christensen’s March 4 column “Politics as usual on Lynch”: How could senators possibly vote for an attorney general who believes that the president has the right to change the laws on immigration for 5 million people? Past executive action in that area was on a case-by-case basis.

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