Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Bill Barnard: Raptors and rail

I don’t really know how Paul Stam was elected if his quote in the Sept. 22 Road Worrier column “Republican legislators defend the budget’s light-rail killer” was correct: “Light rail is sort of a dinosaur of the 20th century or the 19th century.” Perhaps he was referring to himself and not the least expensive and minimal pollution mode of transportation we have.

Letters to the Editor

Thomas Swasey: Press pause on transit

The Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit project is a dinosaur speeding to extinction. I have attended many of the public informational meetings including one of two final meetings reserved for public comment, held at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill in September. I and many neighbors restated legitimate concerns regarding unsafe grade crossings, ridership numbers, route selection, environmental effects and the cost for this 17 miles of problems, $1.7 billion to build and $18 million annually to operate and maintain.

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