Letters to the Editor

David Reid: Finding perfect magistrates

In the interest of saving our state needed money, being proactive and in having enough magistrates to handle the work in the future, I hope our thoughtful and Christian legislators will consider passing legislation that mandates screening applicants in advance for magistrate positions to exclude those against Buddhist-Protestant unions, mixed-race (including African American-Caucasian but also any other undesired racially mixed) unions, Democrat-Republican unions, urban-rural unions or any other unions these public servants may object to out of their sincerely held beliefs.

Letters to the Editor

Kady Forbes: Frats, sororities need diversity

Recently, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter at the University of Oklahoma made national headlines for a racist chant that launched a large-scale investigation. Though systematic racial issues surrounding Greek organizations are important to talk about, the conversation needs to be shifted.

Letters to the Editor

Lana T. Dial: Transparency for all

Regarding the March 21 news article “GOP seeks 14 years of records from Cooper”: Perhaps it would be good for elected officials from both parties to release such records. It would be good to have email records from all members of the North Carolina House and Senate as well as other elected offices. I think we all would be interested in having access to these as well as correspondence with North Carolina lawmakers, correspondence with former governors, correspondence with former lieutenant governors and their official calendars since each was elected, including use of state vehicles and airplanes for official travel.

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