Letters to the Editor

John Talton: Plenty of reasons to criticize Obama

In his March 22 column “Obama, race and his opponents” Ned Barnett decried a presumed tendency toward racism among conservative opponents of the president. In effect, I think he created an umbrella argument whereby those who disagree with his worldview can be branded as racist, thus negating their argument by association rather than logic. I suspect George Orwell would be proud.

Letters to the Editor

Sandra Perruzzi: Race and respect

Regarding Ned Barnett’s March 22 column “Obama, race and his opponents”: Maybe racial bias would not be suspected in critics of President Obama if the manifestation of that criticism were not so blatantly disrespectful. Maybe if the criticism were leveled with, as Sen. John McCain expects from his critics, “ decorum and dignity,” racial bias would not be suspected.

Letters to the Editor

John Bland Jr.: Tax whitewash

This letter is a response to the medical deduction whitewash of what seniors do not remember about their tax forms by Lee Roberts, the state budget director. Were Roberts remarks’ directed to legislators or to us dumb folks, who are affected by the new law deleting the carryover of medical expenses from our Federal 1040? Roberts’ comments are not deserving of a detailed response. However, perhaps I should say I’ll overcome this disparity by using my “old” picture ID for the first time ever to vote next year.

Letters to the Editor

Roland Stephens: Expanding Medicaid would redistribute money

Regarding the March 24 news article “Tax revenue shuffle officially on the table”: Expanding Medicaid is a very simple way to transfer money to rural areas that will sustain local institutions, increase the spending power of the poor and improve overall health and welfare. Better yet, this approach draws down new federal dollars and leaves our cities alone. The only obstacle is self-defeating partisanship.

Letters to the Editor

Mark G. Rodin: Poll revenge

After noticing the letters published March 22 about our new state income tax structure and reflecting on the decision of U.S. Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tills not to support Loretta Lynch for U.S. attorney general, I have the distinct feeling Republicans in the state General Assembly might have an unwelcome surprise in November 2016 provided senior citizens and African-American voters can find their photo identifications or birth certificates proving U.S. citizenship to obtain the necessary IDs.

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