Letters to the Editor

Steve Bernholz: Abusing taxpayer money

Regarding the July 27 Under the Dome article “Lawmakers to seek pay for ALEC visit”: Most good residents, whether conservative, moderate or liberal, would agree that no member of our state legislature ought to use state funds to advance personal political views. Yes, they may be paid for their role in lawmaking, and how they vote on any piece of legislation is entirely up to them and will almost always be evaluated by the voting public when election time comes.

Letters to the Editor

James Payne: Confederate flag a tribute to the dead

Regarding the July 21 Point of View “From a son of the South: Fold the Confederate battle flag”: I am a true son of the South who has a piece of the flag from the battle of Gettysburg, and I say, “Let the Confederate flag fly.” It is a part of our history and a tribute to those who lost their lives defending what they believed in.

Letters to the Editor

Bev Norwood: A wind-wind farm

Regarding the July 14 news article “Amazon backs N.C.’s 1st large wind farm”: The proposed wind farm to be built in Perquimans and Pasquotank counties is a win-win project. Providing sustainable energy to power the Amazon web services helps decrease dependence on other energy sources and can benefit the “desert” area in eastern North Carolina as well as educate the public about the benefits of wind power.

Letters to the Editor

Carolyn Davis: No heroes in legislature

I received a postcard from Children’s Hope Alliance and the Barium Springs Home for Children inviting me to “an event” at the museum honoring Phil Berger, Tim Moore, Tamara Barringer, Sara Stevens and Nelson Dollar for “helping children throughout N.C. and giving them a better life.” What a joke!

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