Letters to the Editor

Lee S. Downie: Petraeus betrays military integrity

Regarding the March 4 news article “Petraeus agrees to plead guilty”: All my life I have regarded the word of a commissioned officer of the U.S. armed services as being as good as gold if not better. But no more: David Petraeus has destroyed my simple, unquestioning faith in an officer’s word. What happened to him between his cadet days at West Point and the arrival of Paula Broadwell?

Letters to the Editor

For all ages

I was pleased to see Jim Jenkins’ Feb. 19 column “Good kicking and screaming” extolling the benefits of the Korean martial art Taekwondo. Specifically, he listed discipline and physical fitness as two of the benefits that children receive from their studies at such a studio.

Letters to the Editor

Nichol’s expertise

Gene Nichol has been invited to communities across New York State to speak about poverty, raising awareness and motivating audiences to act to improve circumstances for the working poor.

Letters to the Editor

Student voices

Regarding the Feb. 14 news article “N.C. task force wants shorter tests”: The task force consists of parents, teachers and administrators but no students. I am an eighth-grader at Lufkin Road Middle School, and I have been closely following this issue as it directly affects me and my fellow students.

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