Letters to the Editor

Dave Connelly: ‘Ghost’ bikes won’t go away

Regarding the Aug. 3 news article “Complaints banish ‘ghost bikes’ ”: Objections to “ghost” bikes are that they’re not appropriate in public places and that they’re distracting. Well, no one’s asking cities to remove grave headstones after so many days, and no one’s complaining about billboard distractions.

Letters to the Editor

Charlotte T. Best: Feminists failed to evolve

Regarding Heather Wilhelm’s Aug. 22 column “Tinder and how feminism sold out women”: The feminist movement and the push for equal sexual standards are is not responsible for women being treated as consumables on Tinder and other dating hookups. Women and girls as tidbits has a long and sturdy history, ranging back over many eons, which the double standard has helped perpetuate. Perpetuate.

Letters to the Editor

Barbara M. Parramore: Providing student stability

“What are you doing?” I asked three teachers one April morning in the early 1960s when I was principal of an elementary school in the capital city. They were making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for some of their students’ lunches. The district’s free lunch funds had been exhausted for that school year.

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