Thomas Parker: SERA’s self interests

08/21/2014 4:50 PM

08/21/2014 4:52 PM

Regarding the Aug. 16 news story “ S.E. Raleigh still seeks fix”: As an auditor of local governments and nonprofits for almost three decades, I think I can speak with some authority as to the nonprofit Southeast Raleigh Assembly. Critics complained that SERA had abandoned its core mission of “developing long-term economic solutions for Southeast Raleigh.”

SERA has a new core mission: providing its CEO and her lieutenants with well-paying sinecures at the expense of taxpayers. At this goal SERA has exceeded its measurable outcome to the tune of $138,000.

Lazy governmental officials, unsure about how to achieve a goal, decide to turn over money to some slicksters who can put a veneer of professionalism on an operation. These officials can now say they’ve done their job and walk away. By doing this, they are abdicating their fiduciary responsibility of monitoring the nonprofit. The same thing happened with the Raleigh Business and Technology Center. The city cannot turn over its monitoring responsibilities to The N&O.

Thomas Parker


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