David Kesterson: Bar power

08/23/2014 8:00 PM

08/22/2014 4:58 PM

Regarding the Aug. 19 letter “ Time to appoint judges”: Beware lawyers bearing metaphors. Catherine Arrowood would have us think, as would the Charlotte Observer (“ Spin the wheel! Win an N.C. judgeship!” Aug. 15 reprinted editorial), that our vote is a lottery ticket.

Arrowood said that for 40 years the North Carolina Bar Association has been trying to help us by supporting an appointment and retention system, a system in which her association would certainly wield considerable power by virtue of its wise counsel. No, thanks.

The vote is about all we have, as citizens, to exercise some control over those who would rule us. Voters make mistakes. Hands would be raised in every party if we asked for a list of mistakes voted in or out. It’s not pretty, but it is our constitutional right.

Every time we give up voting power we provide another layer of obscuring bureaucracy to those who rule. I am so glad that the Bar Association is looking out for us. But as for trying to stop the spinning wheel, a metaphor for elections, I suppose – just keep its hands off our ballots.

David Kesterson


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