Barbara S. Lewis: Stock disclaimer a loophole

08/23/2014 8:00 PM

08/22/2014 5:00 PM

Regarding the Aug. 19 editorial “ No question: McCrory mishandled Duke stock”: I completely agree.

The interesting thing to note, and it is worth going back to read again if anyone missed it, was how Gov. Pat McCrory used the words “we haven’t broken any rules” as his excuse. Clearly McCrory knew to get rid of his Duke stock in one way or another (wink, wink) so he would seem to be following laws.

There is “a flawed state law” that really is just a loophole for matters like this. It requires McCrory only to say whether the stock was worth more than $10,000, but it could be any amount above that.

Someone should explain to the governor that there is a huge difference between breaking rules and breaking laws. Huge difference. I’m sure McCrory’s general counsel, Bob Stephens, who has a 41-year legal career, will soon resign or retire, just to make life easier for his boss.

Barbara S. Lewis


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