Dean Wylie: Money makers

08/25/2014 5:43 PM

08/25/2014 5:44 PM

Regarding the irony in the two big stories that shared the front page Aug. 21: As the legislature seeks to address the serious coal ash contamination problem (due in large part to lax rules, requirements, inspections, enforcement and pandering to big money corporations), the next story was about finalizing the rules, requirements, inspections, enforcement of the next big money environmental fiasco (“ Fracking opponents speak out,” news article).

The fact that the gas industry itself heavily influences the making of the rules predicts what we can expect as far as protecting the state’s natural resources and people. The voice of the people means nothing when gobs of money are to be made and there is no concern for the damage that will be done to our beautiful state and its environment and watersheds.

It will be extremely difficult and expensive to remedy any contamination of groundwater/surface waters from fracking, but why worry? The people of North Carolina will get the bill just like the coal ash bill, and the gas company will simply pack up and leave its mess after the gas and money runs out.

Sounds like a great deal for them – and their greedy friends in our government who no doubt will line their own pockets.

Dean Wylie


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