Mark E. Sullivan: No connection

08/26/2014 6:05 PM

08/26/2014 6:06 PM

Regarding the Aug. 25 news story “ A call for equal rights”: “It’s all connected,” the Rev. William Barber II said about last week’s marches at the State Capitol. But where’s the connection between “marriage equality,” as shown on a marcher’s sign in the accompanying picture, and “the state legislature’s attacks on civil rights”? Seems like Barber ought to spend less time on his feet marching and more on his civic books learning.

His statement about “the focus is on what this legislature, governor have done or have not done” doesn’t apply to what some call “marriage equality.” The man-woman marriage issue was a constitutional amendment, not an act of the legislature or a promulgation of the governor.

The basics of government class in elementary school teaches the difference between statutes, passed by the General Assembly, and amendments to the North Carolina Constitution, voted upon by the people of the state. It’s so darned embarrassing – just days after a march on the issue of education!

Perhaps he and the marchers should get “connected” with their schoolbooks.

Mark E. Sullivan


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