Chuck Schroeder: Rights and rebates

08/28/2014 4:07 PM

08/28/2014 4:08 PM

Regarding the Aug. 27 letter “Ruling denies rights”: I find it quite ironic that he claimed that Judge Robert Hobgood’s ruling denied his rights. I noticed that the letter-writer was not a parent but a founder of a private school chain that would benefit from this extra cash. Given that, I guess his right to get more students at our expense is being denied.

What he is conveniently missing is the fact that these parents can still send their children to any school they like, including his, just not with my or other North Carolina taxpayers’ money.

Our state constitution clearly requires that public money not be used to fund private or religious schools. Perhaps we could refund the taxes these individuals paid (sort of an early rebate), and they can use that to pay for the private school tuition they believe they are entitled to.

Once that occurs I, and I’m certain a number of other no-children households, would join a class-action suit to get our public education dollars back as well.

Chuck Schroeder


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