Greg Murphy: Less isn’t more

08/29/2014 3:29 PM

08/29/2014 3:30 PM

Regarding the Aug. 29 letter “ Mangled math” from State Rep. Paul Stam: In the first three paragraphs he did a good job of distorting the figures (something a lot of Republicans do quite well). However, in the last paragraph, he was completely wrong.

He said that every teacher in every classroom will make more money than ever this year. If a teacher is in the first to fifth years, this is true. But after 25 years of faithful, experienced service, a teacher actually loses money.

One teacher I know, teaching 34 years now, had to give up her longevity pay (it was “worked” into her “raise”). Because of this, she will make $1,350 less this year.

It’s shameful how the Republicans have treated the educators in this state. I hope the voters find out just how this so-called “raise” breaks down and vote these people out.

Greg Murphy


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