Deborah Brogden: Respect the Lumbee

08/30/2014 8:00 PM

08/29/2014 3:34 PM

Regarding the Aug. 26 column “ Hail to the Lumbee”: Thank you for the thoughts and observations from Stephen Carter regarding the struggle for U.S. government recognition of our own Lumbee Indians. They have struggled long and mightily for official acknowledgment of their true Indian status.

I find it greatly ironic that the same Bureau of Indian Affairs, which established in the late 1800s boarding schools for Indian children at which they were not allowed to speak their native languages, now asks of the Lumbee, “Where is your native Indian language?” The BIA policy decades ago of assimilation of Indians into the general U.S. society eradicated their language.

So the BIA shouldn’t ask for something now that it took away long ago. And give the Lumbee full federal acknowledgment of their Indian heritage, history and current standing as Native Americans.

Deborah Brogden


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