Naomi Lambert: Judging GOP agenda

08/30/2014 8:00 PM

08/29/2014 3:34 PM

In reference to your Aug. 17 news article “ GOP moves to restrict challenges of N.C. laws” and Aug. 19 editorial “ A curb on rights”: I believe the appointment of three-judge panels is a distraction from the underlying problems needing to be addressed.

First, if a law is ill-conceived and badly drafted as so many have been, it is bound to be hard to implement and prone to objections by those constituencies affected by it. This is not the fault of the legal system but rather of the General Assembly, which has rushed through too many major “reforms” with inadequate debate and review.

Second, attempts to inveigle the judiciary in politics undermine all aspects of our government. In the courts, we need wise, intelligent minds who can review evidence and be dispassionate in their thoughtful conclusions.

Furthermore, cuts to the administration of the courts do damage to efficiencies which make proper conduct of cases even more problematic.

What to do? When we vote for judges, make sure we have done our homework and can be sure the track record of those running matches our personal priorities.

Naomi Lambert


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