Pamela Ahlin: Involved parents essential

08/30/2014 8:00 PM

08/29/2014 3:37 PM

Leslie Maxwell’s Aug. 22 Point of View “ Deserting the idea of the common good,” complaining about homeschoolers, displayed her elitist bias. She did not write about this last year when the population of private schools was ahead of the homeschoolers.

She did not express concern over students leaving the public schools for private schools or accuse them of abandoning the public good. (Note that few, if any, of the 535 members of Congress send their children to D.C public schools.)

Since both groups are escaping public schools, it would seem that both would receive her verbal chastisement. Homeschooling parents cannot change the troublesome environment in public schools. The principals and their staff are on the premises, and even they don’t know how to change that.

Wake County schools have more than 153,000 students. There should have been at least 306,000 biological parents who remain associated through a student with the public schools and could be volunteering but mostly aren’t. But why blame homeschoolers for the contribution lacking from those 306,000 biological parents who seemingly don’t bother to care about their offspring in their public school?

Pamela Ahlin


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