Russell Catania: Inconsiderate chaos

09/01/2014 8:00 PM

08/29/2014 3:43 PM

Why are so many people so inconsiderate of others? A Texas woman recently decided to change her baby’s diaper on a chair in the dining area of a pizzeria restaurant. She said there was no changing table in the restroom, and she didn’t want to walk out to her van to do it.

A woman in a restaurant in Oregon was breastfeeding her baby and was asked to just cover up a bit. She was asked only to make it a little more discreet, as there were other families with children there. In a later protest at the same restaurant, dozens of mothers held a “nurse-in.”

My wife and I and two other couples were at a restaurant in Garner recently, and at the next table was a family of six, two of whom were unruly and screaming children who appeared under 4 years old.

Everybody seems to want to do whatever they want with absolutely no regard for others, especially in a restaurant situation. Where is the civility and consideration of others that used to exist years ago?

Russell Catania


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