Jim Jenkins

The time is right on the battle flag

North Carolina’s Republican legislative leaders are intentionally missing a chance to make a progressive stride, to take a stand, that would at least keep us up with a state we’ve long regarded as walking a little to the rear of us on social issues.

Jim Jenkins

The might of great Bill Aycock

He was, by the time I got to know him, somewhat hampered physically by old age, but his mind was still razor sharp. When I called Bill Aycock a few years back, probably to talk about the infamous Speaker Ban law of the early 1960s, he came up with details decades old, but with a freshness that made them seem they’d just come off the vine. So he was until the very end, friends said, when death came Saturday at the age of 99 in Chapel Hill.

Jim Jenkins

A Memorial memory for any day

What’s the story over there, you wonder. The woman, by herself in the car, crying softly. A widow, or a daughter. And what’s the story here, on Memorial Day, in Raleigh’s historic Oakwood Cemetery, of the children attending the memorial for the veterans who gave their lives in service? Grandchildren, perhaps. Great-grandchildren, even.

Jim Jenkins

The perils for ‘Independent Pat’

Gov. Pat McCrory’s displays of independence and defying the inclinations of his fellow Republicans in the General Assembly prompt us to wonder what’s to come, and what the consequences might be for the governor.

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