Jim Jenkins

Ah, politics after all on UNC board

It didn’t appear the skies could get any darker over the January decision by the University of North Carolina Board of Governors to replace Tom Ross, president of the University of North Carolina system. But now, thanks to a report from The News & Observer’s Jane Stancill, based on a pubic records request for emails among board members, it’s pitch black out there.

Jim Jenkins

The GOP's politics of ‘No’ is now ‘Uh, oh’

The Republican presidential field goes from a raging billionaire to a former Texas governor who sometimes appears too dense to get the water out of his cowboy boots if the instructions were written on the heel. And there’s the affable son and brother of former presidents who can’t seem to find the “X” on the stage telling him where to stand, to others too countless and clueless to mention.

Jim Jenkins

The might of great Bill Aycock

He was, by the time I got to know him, somewhat hampered physically by old age, but his mind was still razor sharp. When I called Bill Aycock a few years back, probably to talk about the infamous Speaker Ban law of the early 1960s, he came up with details decades old, but with a freshness that made them seem they’d just come off the vine. So he was until the very end, friends said, when death came Saturday at the age of 99 in Chapel Hill.

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