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  • Downtown Raleigh parking app in the works

    Posted by Colin Campbell on July 16, 2014

    Finding a parking space in downtown Raleigh could soon be as easy as a tap on the old smartphone. Jim Belt - who heads Downtown Living Advocates and made Tuesday's pitch for the app - said visitors often have the perception that parking is a challenge downtown. But with 18 decks and plenty of on-street spaces, Raleigh has plenty of options to choose from, and a dozen of them are free on evenings and weekends.


  • Raleigh names Lou Buonpane as city manager's chief of staff

    Posted on June 30, 2014

    Lou Buonpane

    Veteran city employee Lou Buonpane will start work Tuesday as Raleigh's new chief of staff.


  • Children enjoy science experiments at Marbles Kids Museum

    Posted by Andrea Weigl on June 29, 2014

    Chelsea Hemsworth, 7, examines salt and sugar under a microscope at Marbles Kids Museum on Sunday, June, 29, 2014. The museum hosted N.C. BioNetwork scientist Summer Cortinas, who showed young visitors different elements of kitchen chemistry, including crystals, candy dyes, and polymers.

    Scientist Summer Cortinas, an outreach coordinator with N.C. BioNetwork, an outfit associated with the state’s community college system, guides children through a milk polarity experiment, using food coloring to show what happens when dish soap interacts with the fat in whole milk. Sunday’s science programming is part of Marbles Kids Museum’s guest-star scientists series. Toddlers and elementary-school children crowded around Cortinas’ tables to view salt and sugar crystals under a microscope and to learn how to make their own gummy worms by mixing a seaweed extract with calcium chloride.


  • Raleigh won't put $2.8 million for Falls Whitewater Park in bond package

    Posted by Colin Campbell on June 18, 2014

    The Raleigh City Council rejected a request Tuesday to add $2.8 million to a parks bond to fund a whitewater park near Falls Lake.


  • City boundaries could shift where Raleigh meets Durham

    Posted by Colin Campbell on June 16, 2014

    Leaders in Raleigh and Durham are both backing North Carolina legislation that moves several small properties near Brier Creek from Raleigh to Durham.


  • Congressman Holding blasts Raleigh Housing Authority in U.S. House budget discussion

    Posted by Colin Campbell on June 10, 2014

    U.S. Rep. George Holding took to the House floor on Monday to criticize Raleigh Housing Director Steve Beam’s salary and call for further curbs on public housing pay.


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